jueves, septiembre 09, 2004
2:19 a. m. » Deep Thought

Parents' discovery of their children's (or children's friends') blogs is so the new discovery of foraged forged excuse notes in high school. Katzeloca totally knows what I'm talking about.

 4:33 a. m. » Blogger Mom

Who is Katzeloca? Jason???

 4:34 a. m. » Blogger Mom

and it's "forged" - foraged means looking for food or some such thing.

 10:43 p. m. » Blogger d

More like Jason wishes he was Katzeloca.

 6:13 a. m. » Blogger "kathy" with a k

i am katzeloca. amzasn (or some shizzizle like that) wishes he was a crazy cat (german and spanish. manish? gerish? something like that) i rule.