sábado, septiembre 04, 2004
11:21 p. m. » Música y Supositorio

I had a decently long Spanish discussion with one of my teachers yesterday, not the now INFAMOUSLY hottt one (under whom I have yet to begin studying), but Xavier (Tshah'bee'AIRRR -- LOL by the way, Chocolate in Catalán is Xocolata. Cute!), the Catalesian almost dorkish heartthrob (I say this, not the ish part, but the other, because the school's princess, Vanessa?, you know, the half German, half Italian freakishly guapa guapa, has or had intent to pursue). He'd told me about a band I might check out after discovering that our music tastes seemed similar (¡imagine!), and after telling him I liked it, he went on to use la pizarra to introduce me to all sorts of Spanish acts, one of whom, NOSOTRASH, has easily chosen for themselves the best band name ever.

Moving on, what's with all my old favo¡U!rite albums? When I listen to them now, they sound so incredibly and/or disappointingly shallow or transparent -- and I guess I speak of this lack soley in a physical (though this is obviously not meant to be literal, consider more the idea of like a void of sustenance? wait shit no, that approaches all sorts of figuritive and or or (DUDE, sic!) poetic fathoms and what not, as in basically exactly the opposite of what I meant to say) like way. Duh. I just listened to them too much -- not to mention the 90s are so not a la mode. Listen. I learned to say anal suppository in a foreign language today, and THAT, at the end of it all, is what truly matters. What's unbelievable is that money was actually given to this school to teach me that -- I can also now say "me encuentro como una mierda", which, for those of you who aren't Mexican, directly translated means "I find myself [am/feel] like a shit."

This post, by the way, marks my freshly acheived, no, EARNED eligibility for holding the world record for the longest string of AMAZING blog posts EVER.

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the new euro d blog design is awesome.

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Dude - I have no idea what this last entry just said. What are you smoking over there?