martes, septiembre 28, 2004
6:36 p. m. » Treat

Here's something different... PHOTOS.

The famous Xavier and some other teacher I haven't had yet.

Don't know these people. Jakes.

Walk into any classroom at any time at this school, and you wouldn't be surprised to see this... the only thing I'm surprised about is that there's no wine on the table.

Respecting the Americans is a must.

The Pakistani dude I've mentioned... this is hilarious.

Don't know.

Not one picture of Marga, sorry. If you want to see some nice photos of the school and Barcelona... click here.

 2:27 a. m. » Blogger dr. j


dude post some pics of serena surriously

 2:41 a. m. » Blogger Lucid

Nice Pictures dude! Especially the one with the class full of ppl with yellow paper stuck to their heads! Oh well, hasta luego!

 6:29 p. m. » Blogger d

J: Man I'm totally kidding. I photoshopped the dude's head on there to make you jealous! No hard feelings?!

Re: Dying. Random reader.

 10:41 p. m. » Blogger "kathy" with a k

yeah,wtf? where are pictures of serena dood?