viernes, octubre 22, 2004
5:01 p. m. » GHOSTS

I totally wasn't the one who made that last post, but it somehow showed up. OMG QUÉ RARO. To get right to the point, there have been a few heavy topics I've avoided discussing here for various reasons -- most of which having to do with certain Europeans stumbling upon them. That might change. I'm beginning to not care. Here's all I have for you today...




 4:50 a. m. » Blogger Mom

Careful D!!

 1:01 a. m. » Blogger "kathy" with a k

whoah d. what's up my little friend? anyways, serena...can you wrap her up and bring her home with you? please? she is so f*ing cute!! :) <3 kat

 3:46 a. m. » Blogger UnkEd

D - a taste of parenthood - how cool! Pumpkins, Mall of America, Spain - I don't get it. Miss ya! UnkEd