miércoles, noviembre 17, 2004
9:04 p. m. » There Is Finally A Person I Can Honestly Say I Hate And Have Reason

It's not as though I'm putting up with the unreasonable amounts of maltreatment that I not so long ago was (i.e. despite my vombitious flu, being told to move furniture from one apartment to another so that she-who-shall-not-be-named could go out drinking with friends), but I've realized that, if nothing else since moving here, I've grown an -- or discovered my -- amazingly indomitable thick coat of endurance, protecting me from some of the most asinine of accusations and expectations that ever were realized by any creature that ever walked the Earth -- ever. Let's give you another example. Just a few nights ago I was asked to stay at home to look after Serena -- this is a duty that quite some time ago began occurring with less frequency, a gradual change I can only assume has a certain someone's capital traits (inconsiderateness, insensitiveness, and insatiateness... not to mention her obsessive accusing and ever thriving habit of unsuccessfully evading blame) to thank -- and five minutes before you-know left the apartment, seeing as I'd been (and still am) suffering the payoffs of this malignant cough (that also has a certain person's unrelenting smoking habit and refusal to ever open any window to be grateful for -- and by the way, Serena's had the same for well over a month, but the notion to take her to a doctor has yet to enter the mother's mind), I thought I'd lay down (with the light on) for those few moments I had left of my free night. Just before my time was up, I was told to go into the living room and watch the television with Serena. An hour later, just after she'd fallen asleep, I received a phone call from her mother, checking to see that her daughter had fallen asleep and that all was well -- I was there next to the little girl, studying, and so I was speaking in a whisper. Normal enough. A few hours later, an event thats deservance (sic.) to be established and named as 'the monster's return' has now been further confirmed, was realized -- she came home. Brace yourself, because this isn't even the best part, but this woman then, let's say, had stern words with me for what not only seemed like more than half hour, but most definitely was. Unfathomably drunk, she stammered and slurred, but managed to express that which she wanted to: that her entire night had been ruined, as she'd been completely preoccupied with her daughter's well-being, because this guy, me, who, she feels, she's wasting a ton of money on, was supposed to be caring for her, but instead, as usual, had made up some excuse, this time that he was sick, and had obviously been back in his bed sleeping when she later checked in. Other issues were brought up as well, but remember, this isn't the important part -- this is normal, I just sat there with nods, sometimes bothering to explain what actually had happened, but most of the time, knowing that that would only encourage her to conjure more reasons that I bug, kept quiet. Not two hours later though, as I was beginning to fall asleep, I heard Serena crying in her bed (which is shared with you-know-who), screaming, again and again, that she had to use the bathroom. Who knows how long that had been going on for, but after five or ten minutes of confusion, I realized that something definitely wasn't right -- and so I went into their room to investigate. I found Serena, beet red, face covered in tears, screaming and standing next to her mother's head -- the lights were on. Her mother, entirely tucked away under blankets, was rolled into a ball, deep in intoxicated slumber, not even remotely aware that anything had been or was going on. The next day, she remembered nothing -- but did find the entire night, including the yelling session with me, quite humorous. I asked Serena if she remembered what had happened, and she told me, "Yes, I was thinking she was dead." I suppose I could just end this post right here.

 2:32 a. m. » Blogger dr. j

if it makes you feel any better, i was covered in uterine blood today.

 6:03 a. m. » Blogger Ol' Fuss & Feathers - Fuss & Feathers Forevers

JZN - I told you not to tell anyone!

D - At least Mommy didn't bring uncle Pablo home this time. Eh? Ehhhh????? EH???? Yeah, that's right.

 9:20 a. m. » Blogger Caroline

every good male doctor needs to be covered in uterine blood sometime.

 6:55 p. m. » Blogger the 10 Leak Commandments

suck. if you want I could email the former members of Pantera and ask them if they'd stop by your flat to "clean house" if you know what I mean. I do have that power.

 1:09 a. m. » Blogger d

Update: Pretty much the same thing happened again last night...

 1:18 a. m. » Blogger Mom

OMG D - you have to get out of that loco bin...