sábado, enero 22, 2005
1:37 a. m. » Day 43

I agreed to invest a favor in an old sort of friend. At the end of it, I wasn't able to help with her computer, there were too many unknowns, and, seeing as it was some character I did not know who brought the state upon her in the first place, there really wasn't a great deal that I could do without a series of answered questions. A telephone conversation was initiated on her part, and after not even grazing the subject of the computer, the pair moved on to a session of hostile argument. As I sat there trying to ignore what I could not avoid listening to (which proved to be difficult being that I was seated directly next to her), I learned that a week prior this man had moved out of that very apartment, claiming to need SPACE, that he'd taken all sorts of her THINGS (including the lease), and that he still had a KEY. Within twenty minutes she'd accomplished cornering him into breaking up with her because she couldn't stand the time he needed to think. She then made his doing this over the phone an issue. It all was just too reminiscint of a seperate occurance, dated 1999. The bawling 22 year-old was evidently then to be left in my care. What an ass. I made the comment that I doubted we had time to finish our Scrabble game. Her sister then called which was when I made it obvious that it was time to leave.

Alas, after exactly five weeks arrive the short temper and disgust. It's like there's nothing left to feel.